Baby blankets for adults? That's weird.

Baby blankets for adults? That's weird.

Why do you call them Grownup Blankies?

At some point, we as a society decided that only Babies deserve fun, cute printed minky blankets. But I think Grownups deserve a thoughtfully curated oversized throw blanket, crafted with as much variety, love, and comfort as we give to babies. Enter, the Grownup Blankie (or Grankie).

My tagline is "Cozy, Whimsical Goods for Grownups - Because Not Only Babies Deserve Blankies" and that seems to really resonate with people who are constantly feeling the harsh pull of modern society.

When you try to find a big enough blanket for your grown-up body, you can find extended sizes, and large minky blankets but they're all boring, basic solid colors. If you want minky, but in a fun print, the selection is much almost entirely geared toward babies and nursery decor.

So what are we to do, those of us who are tired of beige, and tend to steer toward the side of spooky or whimsigoth motifs? 
What about nerd stuff, that isn't instantly recognizable - and not licensed or copyrighted primary-color childish selections?
Are you a fantasy smut reader? Would you like a blanket that makes you feel like you've entered the romantasy worlds you've fallen in love with, but still be able to take that blanket out in mixed company?
What if your style balances between goth and boho? Is there a blanket available in stores that caters to you? 

I started this company to provide a creative outlet for Blanket Lovers (Blankie Dragons, as I call them) with alternative tastes. Hundreds of prints to choose from, made with the same love, care, attention, and creativity as we gift to babies all the time. 

A beautiful yet simple (quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind) comfort item is a lifetime companion, and being able to make it tailor-made to an individual's personal style is what sets me apart. It's also important to me to provide several collections of prints to choose from that aren't reflected in the broader market - with alternative, dark, whimisical, goth, witchy, and eclectic prints.

Build Your Grankie

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