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Entomb Baby Blankie into New Grownup Blankie

Entomb Baby Blankie into New Grownup Blankie

Entomb your beloved scraps of a Baby Blankie into a new build-your-own Grownup Blankie! Select your topside (from any print you see on my site, or search for any of their designs), underside color/texture/trim and a few days before I’m ready to make your order, you’ll mail me your beloved and I will find a way to stitch it safely inside. 

Please allow extra time on these, as I have to order your topside and underside, and then give you notice to mail your bb to me, then send it back. It's a bit more time-consuming but worth it!


  1. Find the topside print you'd like to make your new Grownup Blankie out of, either from one you saw anywhere on my site, or anywhere on .
  2. Mentally note the name of the topside print you're going to want to use (or copy the URL of the print's page) from any of my curated blankie collections
  3. Type the name of the print/paste the URL into the box below
    (Optional) Instead of choosing one of my curated prints, you can hunt Spoonflower for a print of your choice and paste the link to that instead
  4. Upload a photo of your baby blankie
  5. Choose where on the new blankie will your old blankie be incorporated
  6. Purchase!
  7. Await an email from me with instructions on mailing me your blankie - you'll wait until I tell you (a few days before I'm almost to your order), so you are without it for as little time as possible.
  8. Mail me your blankie
  9. When I receive it, I'll whip it up as fast as possible, and send it off! 
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Please allow 14-30 days for all customized items, from order to delivery date.

WARNING: Your pets and/or children *will* steal your Grownup Blankie from you. It is recommended to purchase multiple to ensure fair Grankie dispersal.

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Courneya

Custom Grownup Blankies - Bookish Collection

Nichole Lemus

Amazing and really fast!!


This hooded blanket is amazing!!!!


I love this blanket! Seller is amazing and the product is a masterpiece!


This blanket is of the utmost quality.