About Me

Hi, I'm Karissa, and Crafting runs in my blood.



Some of my earliest memories are sitting criss-cross-applesauced on sprawled out newspaper all over the kitchen floor with my mom and my aunt, the room smelling of ModPodge and hot glue. Seamstresses and crafters several generations back, as well as a constant attitude of “I could make that…” the women in my family are makers at heart. And I am no exception.





See art-making on the kitchen-floor —————-> 

Karissa carves pumpkins on the floor of her aunt's kitchen as a child, along with her sister and mom Circa 1992


Back in 2012, had two small kids, one income, and I was constantly having to figure out creative ways to make delightful goods for cheap (like blankies and twirly dresses), all I had to do was tap into the crafting skills my foremothers bestowed upon me. I was a stay-home mom so I was bored easily, and started a side hustle making bookshelves out of pallet wood. Then I moved onto kids’ costume creation. All that got put on the shelf for the most part when they went to school and I went back to corporate work, but the pull has always been there. Lurking.

two handmade kids' princess costumes sit next to a sewing machine

Fast forward to a few years ago when I decided I was going to make adult-sized blankies that were heavy and high-quality, for all my loved ones. After all, babies get gifted blankies constantly, but adults are just supposed to … what? not like being cozy anymore?

An adult-sized blanket that looks beautiful draped over a bed or couch, not cheesy or childish, that’s washable and packable, what could be a better addition to one’s self-care? From there, the thought expanded to - everything that makes a life cozy. Fuzzy socks, a flickering candle, a whimsical table setting, a reading pillow… The possibilities are endless, and it’s my passion to create beautiful and cozy goods for grownups. Kids can use them too I guess. ;)

I started my customizable minky "Grownup Blankie" business because I love to sew, but more than that I love to impart joy. Blankets have been our constant companion throughout human history, and thus are intrinsically linked to a sense of safety and coziness. I used to work in IT Support and marketing, so going from a digital business world to a physical one, and instead create a real, tangible product that brings joy and comfort has been so much more fulfilling than I even realized I needed.

I started out advertising via silly videos on Tiktok and Instagram, and the reception I got was overwhelming in the best way. My tagline is "Cozy, Whimsical Goods for Grownups - Because Not Only Babies Deserve Blankies" and that seems to really resonate with people who are constantly feeling the harsh pull of modern society. A beautiful yet simple (quality, handmade, one-of-a-kind) comfort item is a lifetime companion, and being able to make it tailor-made to an individual's personal style is what sets me apart. It was also important to me to provide several collections of prints to choose from that aren't reflected in the broader market - with alternative, dark, whimisical, goth, witchy, and eclectic prints.

And then I took that a step further (because there are thousands of blankets on the market) and made the customizable blankets able to integrate a customer's childhood blankie, no matter its condition - giving it a second chance at life and saving it from the trash or a life "protected" in a dark closet. They build their customizable "grownup blankie" from my site like usual, and then I have several options of how to integrate their [usually very threadbare] baby blankie into the new one. They mail me their baby blankie, and I affix it to the new item so it's protected but accessible, and machine washable for years to come.

I've since expanded to matching decor items such as throw pillows and pet beds, cloaks, and tableware sets. I also enjoy vending at open-air trade markets! It's still so surreal to me that I just up and started a whole business, with nothing but a tiktok and some fabric, and now it's become an incredibly special part of my life, and the legacy I get to leave to my kids.